Elkay - EZH2O Liv Pro In-wall Commercial Filtered Water Dispenser (LBWD2C00)

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New to the prestigious Elkay water cooler range, the EZH2O Liv Pro In-wall Commercial Filtered Water Dispenser, non-refrigerated, is as stylish as it is practical. Created for commercial and hospitality environments, it is a sleek, hands-free alternative to the traditional bottled water cooler. Delivering fresh, high-quality filtered water on demand. 

Aspen White
Midnight Black
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Simple, contactless operation with automatic shut off makes the Liv Pro both extremely easy to use and safe during the Covid-19 environment. But beyond that, the hands-free interface ensures that your water dispenser doesn™t become a contagion point for other contact-transmittable viruses, including the common cold and Norovirus, both of which cost businesses millions of pounds every year.  

With in-built NSF-certified filter for the reduction of lead and other harmful contaminants, the Liv Pro ensures that the water provided is always of the highest quality. And yet the filtration system is easy to monitor and maintain, with colourful LEDs indicating when a filter change is required, thanks to the incorporated Elkay ECF3000 WaterSentry Plus filter replacement monitor. A quick access  filter box and remote filter cable are also included in the package, for optional installation choices. 

For additional convenience, the unit has an in-built drip tray, with optional drain connection to avoid the risk of any spillages, or annoying overflows. And as a further protective measure, there is an optional security feature to prevent unsupervised use, should you have any concerns over vandalism. 

An LCD counter is also incorporated into the design, allowing both users and owners to monitor how many waste plastic bottles have been saved through the use of your new water dispenser. It™s a great way of enhancing your company™s green credentials.  

Although, when it comes to commercial water dispensers, functionality is key, sometimes form is equally important. And the Liv Pro doesn™t disappoint. Slimline, stylish, and available in a choice of aspen white (Elkay LBWD2C00 WHC) and midnight black (Elkay LBWD2C00 BLK), the glass-front and brushed stainless steel exterior, with interactive lighting, present an aesthetically pleasing finish compatible with the contemporary décor of the modern workplace. While the elegant in-wall design means that the unit can be employed in the smallest of rooms without encroaching upon the useable space. The clever design means that the dispenser fits within the width and depth of two wall studs. So, as long as you have a water and electricity supply within a useable distance, the Liv Pro can be installed in practically any indoor space. 

This model of the Elkay Liv Pro is non-refrigerated as standard. However, a chilled version is available. 

Intended for hospitality and commercial environments “ hotel lobbies, conference rooms “ the Elkay ezH2O Liv Pro In-wall Commercial Filtered Water Dispenser, non-refrigerated is a versatile, hardworking water dispenser for the contemporary workspace.