• ADA Approved
  • Non-Refrigerated
  • GreenSpec Listed
  • BREEAM Approved
  • NSF 61/372 lead free
  • WRAS Approved
  • Outdoor Rated
  • Vandal Resistant

Elkay - EZH2O Outdoor Bottle Filling Station (LK4430BF1U)

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As far as bottle filling stations go, the LK4430BF1U is one of the cleanest, most convenient products on the market, and its WRAS Approved.

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As far as bottle-filling stations go, the LK4430BF1U from Elkay is one of the cleanest, most convenient products on the market. With a laminar flow of up to a gallon per minute and two bubblers to compliment a regular bottle-filling tap, Halsey Taylor has put everything into the LK4430BF1U. Heavy-duty steel panels and an E-coat immersion covering make it suitable for outdoor applications, and the hygiene offered by an inlet strainer and hood guard means that the LK4430BF1U meets the water safety regulations outlined in the NSF/ANSI 61 documentation. The LK4430BF1U triple bottle filling station offers a standard bottle filler complete with two separate bubbler taps, making it ideal for high-volume locations such as gyms or school yards. The bottle filler dispenses water at a rate of one gallon per minute, meaning a regular 5000ml drinks bottle could be filled up in as little as seven seconds. Contoured basins with smoothly rounded edges encourage quick drainage of water, preventing any splashing or spilt water while filling up your bottle.

A simple push-button mechanism makes for easy operation of the LK4430BF1U, and a self-closing feature prevents any wasted water or embarrassing spillages. This also makes the LK4430BF1U suitable for use even by those with visual or physical impairments, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Despite the accreditation being based in the United States, the drinking fountain is just as easy and convenient here in the United Kingdom.

One-piece chrome-plated bubbler taps also help to provide ease of use for those with disabilities or impairments, with mound-building water flow which is easily caught in a bottle or the mouth. The LK4430BF1U's two bubblers are also specifically designed to remain sturdy against damage from vandals, meaning the bottle filling station can be placed outdoors in locations like parks with no worry for expensive repairs or maintenance. The LK4430BF1U's sturdy heavy-gauge steel access panel and anti-vandal screws also minimise any potential damage from vandals, keeping your bottle-filling station in perfect condition no matter what.

A powdered finish applied through the process of E-coat immersion also keeps this Elkay unit in top physical condition, by greatly reducing the chance of our typical bad weather causing rust or fading on your bottle filler. This reduces the need for repainting or other repairs but also keeps your water free from contaminants or rust. The electrically-applied coat of paint covers both the inside and outside of the LK4430BF1U, with an even consistency to prevent any flaking or small holes from developing. Not only does this make for an attractive physical finish, it contributes to the bottle filler's famously high standards of hygiene.

The LK4430BF1U bottle filler's two bubbler taps come complete with integrated hood designs, to further improve hygiene by reducing the risk of users passing on germs while drinking. Airborne bacteria or germs are unlikely to enter the waterway due to an ergonomically shaped sheet of metal, and furthermore, a strainer screen positioned in the water inlet prevents any contaminates from entering the waterways from the other end. Any dirt or dust particles of larger than 0.14 millimetres are stopped in their tracks by an easy-to-clean screen, ensuring only pure water makes it into your bottle.

Filtration Optional
H x W x D (cm) 162.6 x 122 x 25.4
Wall Security Brackets No
Waste Option(s) 32mm Standard Waste Required
Weight (kg) 127
Chilled Water Production Nil
Rated Input N/A
Water Temperature Ambient