• Filtered
  • ADA Approved
  • Non-Refrigerated
  • GreenSpec Listed
  • BREEAM Approved
  • NSF 61/372 lead free
  • WRAS Approved
  • Vandal Resistant

Marathon Bottle Filler - Non-Chilled Double HydroBoost Bottle Filler

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The MIW Marathon Non-chilled Double Hydroboost Bottle Filler is the ultimate pop-up, portable, drinking water solution. Secure, hygienic (WRAS-approved) and completely weatherproof, it can be used in all seasons, indoors or out ““ anywhere where a quick-fix, short-term drinking water supply is needed: marathons, festivals exhibitions, even your local donkey derby!


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Completely portable, the MIW Marathon weighs just 48kgs, and yet clever design makes it perfectly stable, able to withstand heavy use in busy areas where it may be jostled by the public. And that™s the real beauty of this drinking water bottle station. It can be placed practically anywhere that there is access to an above-ground water spigot, be that an office space, a shopping centre or a street party. Supplied complete with a flexible 1/2 inch or 15 mm BSP Industry standard connection, it™s more or less ˜plug and play™. It requires no power, and all drainage is discretely taken care of at the rear of the unit, with a drip tray feeding two 10 litre containers securely stored out of public view.

The MIW Marathon isn™t just sturdy, however. The robust cabinet has been created to withstand whatever is thrown at it “ including festival mud. It is waterproof, windproof and frost resistant. The base is covered in hard-wearing artificial grass for more of an aesthetically-pleasing finish, while providing a safe, trip-free platform for users. 

In fact, WRAS-approved, everything about this unit is safe. Anti-bacterial dispensing nozzles and one touch activation ensure that water quality remains consistently high. An in-built filter adds to this, by removing any impurities, including lead, chlorine and other contaminants. The robust auto shut off dispensing mechanism prevents any serious overspill, removing health and safety concerns while conserving one of our most precious resources “ water.

If conservation is a concern, the MIW Marathon is the ideal way to help reduce plastic waste at any event or venue. While the provision of free drinking water has been shown to reduce the number of plastic held drinks purchased, an integrated battery-operated bottle counter keeps track of the number of bottles refilled, so you can work out just how stellar your green credentials are.

It is cost-effective, simple to move “ either by hand or with a forklift or pallet truck “ and its easy manoeuvrability means that if the original site isn™t working for you, you can simply relocate.

The MIW Marathon is a stand-out product in our water dispensing range, catering for the growing demand to provide free access to public drinking water and solutions for reducing single-use plastic. You™ll be hard-pushed to find a comparable product anywhere else in the UK. If you have any questions, the MIW service team would be delighted to take your call.

Units is supplied in standard black finish, branding is available if required at a cost of £395 + £50 artwork allowing for upto 3 amendments.

Filtration Yes
H x W x D (cm) 150 x 60 x 30
Wall Security Brackets Included
Waste Option(s) McAlpine 32mm Drain / 10L Waste Container / Waste Water Pump
Weight (kg) 48 Kg
Chilled Water Production Nil
Cooling System Advanced Pressure Cooler
Rated Input 6 Watts
Water Temperature Ambient