Malta International Airport

Malta International Airport and MIW

Hosting more than 7.3 million passengers annually, across 51,000 flights, and handling 18,500 tonnes of cargo, Malta International Airport (MIA) is busy. In early 2020, the site embarked on a terminal expansion project. And as part of that scheme, site managers re-evaluated the services and facilities available to passengers. As a result of this, the team contacted MIW Water Cooler Experts to advise upon and oversee the modernisation of the airport’s passenger hydration facilities.

The Brief

The dual goals of this project were to help reduce the amount of single-use plastic drinks bottles used on site, while improving customer service. As such, the MIA Project Management Team required the following from MIW.

  • Guidance on product specification, logistics and installation.
  • Support identifying drinking equipment that would be capable of serving the very high footfall of the venue, while delivering an aesthetic that would complement the airport’s interiors and promote customer use.
  • It was imperative that all equipment provided meet strict water authority guidelines, be WRAS approved (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme), and wheelchair accessible, in line with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and Equality Act (2010).
  • Any equipment installed must as also be durable, hygienic and free from security risks.
  • Once the relevant water dispensers had been identified, MIW would need to source the equipment, advise upon and oversee any necessary equipment upgrades and coordinate delivery and installation.
  • Working remotely, the MIW team would be required to provide technical support throughout the installation process.

The Process

Having a strong track record of working with airports, the MIW team already had a good idea of the essential requirements of MIA. But with an equally strong understanding that every client and location is different, it was important to fully grasp what the MIA Project Management Team were looking for, and how MIW could best provide the equipment needed to meet passenger’s needs and achieve the airport’s sustainability targets.

From a technical perspective, MIW had an advantage when it came to equipment selection, as the company only works with WRAS approved water dispensers. Narrowing down the selection to units that allowed for wheelchair accessibility, were easy to use without need for multilingual explanation, and heavy duty enough to withstand any accidental or deliberate damage in the course of use, the team came up with two suggested units. The Halsey Taylor OVL-II Bi-Level Fountain for those who need to just drink and go. And the Halsey Taylor HTHBLR-WF bottle filler, for passengers able to refill on the move. Both units are sleek and attractive, and could be easily accommodated into the design aesthetic of the airport.
After in depth consultation with the Project Management Team, four of each unit were selected for MIA. And to ensure that that they worked with the architecture of the site, MIW was able to provide MIA’s Project Managers with BIM files, technical and specification details to allow for comprehensive planning.

Once the water dispensers had been identified, the MIW team worked closely with MIA’s onsite Technical Team to coordinate and oversee installation, providing remote support throughout the process.

The Completed Project

From start to finish, the Malta International Airport water dispenser project ran for 3 months. The equipment was identified, sourced and delivered by MIW in accordance with the pre-arranged schedule. And working closely with the incredible onsite team, MIW was able to oversee product installation without a hitch.

MIW continues to provide aftersales support to Malta International Airport as required.