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The Body Shop

The Body Shop and MIW

In retail, The Body Shop has always been a sustainability pioneer. Way ahead of the trend when it came to recycling, Fairtrade and cruelty-free produce, the brand has always looked for ways to lead by example. When it launched its sustainable concept store in London’s Bond Street in 2019, the waste plastic problem was very much on The Body Shop’s agenda. MIW Water Cooler Experts was approached to advise upon and implement the installation of an in-store refill point for customers.

The Brief

The Body Shop contacted MIW with a particular set of requirements.

  • MIW’s initial role in this project would be to advise upon the siting of any water dispensers, provide logistical guidance and recommend the equipment best suited to The Body Shop’s needs.
  • The water dispenser would need to be sturdy, durable and able to withstand a high degree of usage. It should also be inclusive and easily accessible.
  • It was essential that any equipment installed should be both ecologically sound and compliant with all water authority and Government health and safety guidelines.
  • Prior to installation, MIW would need to execute the customisation of the water dispenser in order to display The Body Shop’s livery and messaging.
  • Throughout the project, the MIW team would need to work closely with The Body Shop’s Project Management Team to ensure that all aspects of the job were met, and all deadlines adhered to.

The Process

Although this project was on a much smaller scale than many of MIW’s high-profile undertakings, it still required a high degree of attention to detail. Finding the right bottle filler for the store was imperative to the success of the project – the promotion of a sustainable culture and practises is only viable if the equipment meets demands.

MIW’s entire catalogue of bottle filler range is WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved, so finding a unit which adhered to all the necessary health and safety standards was the easiest part of the project. With sustainability and speed of use being highly important factors, a mains-fed unit was the obvious option. Of those available, the Halsey Taylor Endura II Tubular Outdoor Bottle Filling Station was the most fitting proposition. Despite being intended for an indoor site, the Endura II’s sturdy yet slimline build was the ideal fit for a high footfall area. Its stainless steel, vandal-resistant body requires very little space, while being easily accessible for all. The fact that the unit is GreenSpec™ listed due to its extremely low power consumption was also an influential feature. And the powder-coated finish was ideal for customisation.

Once a suitable bottle filler had been identified, MIW worked with The Body Shop’s Project Management Team to ensure the perfect finish in the brand’s characteristic green, completed with the message of their choice.

An installation timetable was then agreed, to ensure that the unit would be ready to use prior to the store’s official relaunch.

The Completed Project

The new Body Shop concept store opened its doors in September 2019. Complete with sustainable furnishings, activism zones and a customised Halsey Taylor water bottle refill station. The work was concluded on budget and on schedule.