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MIW Water Cooler Experts has been supplying Tombola with water dispensers since 1998. When Britain’s biggest bingo site constructed a £7m new headquarters in Sunderland in early 2018, MIW was again recruited to advise upon and manage the installation of a new collection of hydration facilities.

The Brief

As a cutting-edge new facility designed for more than 300 staff members, Tombola’s headquarters demanded drinking equipment to match.

  • In the initial stage of the project, MIW was required to assess the new structure and advise upon the best water dispensers for the company’s needs.
  • The drinking equipment supplied by MIW would need to meet strict water authority guidelines, for which MIW would need to liaise with the Tombola Technical Division.
  • The drinking equipment would need to be easy to use, low-maintenance, hygienic, durable and aesthetically pleasing, to conform with the environment in which the units would be situated. The water dispensers would also need to be able to provide enough chilled water to meet the demands of a 300-strong workforce, year-round.
  • Once suitable dispensers had been identified, MIW would need to liaise with the Tombola Project Management Team and other site contractors to arrange installation.
  • Post installation, MIW would continue to work with Tombola, servicing and maintaining the water dispensers under a turnkey agreement.

The Process

Working on the final stage of a newly constructed building is, in many respects, simpler than installing water dispensers in a completed and occupied site. The MIW team were fully apprised of the site plans and able to make recommendations based upon the predicated flow of the new building.

Having worked closely with Tombola for many years previously, the MIW team already knew the key requirements of the company. Further discussion with the project management team enabled MIW to fully understand the needs relating to the new project and identify water dispensers to satisfy all prerequisites.

Tombola selected MIW’s premium water dispenser for installation. WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved and delivering an almost continuous supply of chilled water on demand, with high-end filtration, the unit answered all of the Project Management Team’s requirements. As an additional feature, the unit is also able to accommodate glasses and sports bottles, helping to reduce the number of disposable plastic cups used on site.

Once the right water dispensers had been identified, MIW liaised with Tombola’s Project Management Team and other contractors to arrange a schedule of installation that would see a number of water dispensers & bottle refill stations installed across the site, including reception, customer facing areas and offices.

The Completed Project

MIW Water Cooler Experts completed the Tombola project on time and to an agreed budget. Working on a turnkey contract, once the units had been installed, MIW devised a six-monthly servicing, sanitation and filter change schedule, to ensure that Tombola’s staff and visitors always have access to clean, fresh water, without disruption. The turnkey agreement means that MIW will also continue to be responsible for any necessary equipment repairs and will provide free periodic equipment upgrades throughout the life of the contract.