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Knight Frank

As one of the UK’s premier estate agents, impressions, for Knight Frank, count. In 2018 the organisation began looking for ways to improve drinking facilities for staff. The Project Management Team contacted MIW Water Cooler Experts to provide advice, before contracting MIW to undertake the project.

The Brief

Knight Frank is a company where standards really matter. It was essential for MIW to completely fulfil the entire customer brief.

  • Knight Frank required countertop water dispensers that would refill bottles and glasses, primarily for staff, but also suitable for customer use when necessary.
  • The units needed to be small, aesthetically pleasing, and capable of delivering chilled water on demand at all times. They should also be easy to use, easy to maintain on a day-to-day basis, and robust enough to withstand the rigours of a busy working environment catering for multiple users.
  • It was also essential that the equipment met strict water authority guidelines.
  • Once suitable units had been identified, MIW would be required to source and install them to an agreed timetable, working with the Knight Frank Project Management Team in order to ensure as little disruption as possible.
  • Working on a turnkey rental agreement, post-installation MIW would be required to schedule a regular sanitisation and service programme for the Knight Frank water dispensers.

The Process

As with all of MIW’s turnkey rental contracts, the Knight Frank project began with a qualified BWCA (British Water Cooler Association) engineer visiting the sites involved. Combining the customer’s stated requirements and the engineer’s report, MIW was able to help the company identify areas for installation that would cause as little disruption as possible while being as useful as possible to the team.

The Knight Frank Project Management Team specifically requested countertop water dispensers for installation in their offices, floor and wall space often being at a premium. Finding units that would satisfy Knight Frank’s other demands without being floor standing or wall mounted was MIW’s greatest challenge. Delivering an almost continuous supply of chilled, filtered water on demand, MIW’s WRAS-approved (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) premium dispenser was found to be the best fit. Compact, but with a large enough dispensing area to accommodate bottles and glasses, rather than limiting users to disposable cups, the unit is hard-wearing, east to use and easy to wipe clean. The WRAS certification also ensured that the unit met the stringent water authority guidelines supplied by Knight Frank’s Technical Division.

Once the relevant bottle filling stations had been identified, the MIW team were able to table an installation schedule in collaboration with the Knight Frank Project Management Team.

The Completed Project

Knight Frank’s initial installations took place exactly as planned, with no deviation from schedule or budget. Since the project was completed, MIW has scheduled six-monthly sanitisation, servicing and filter changing for each of the installations. As part pf the ongoing turnkey rental agreement, MIW is responsible for all equipment repairs and will provide free periodic upgrades throughout the lifetime of the contract. MIW’s Turnkey installation sites include Fulham and High St, Tunbridge Wells.