MIW Water Cooler Experts has been working with Auxillis since 1996. MIW was originally engaged to provide drinking facilities for the company’s HQ in Sunderland. A leading name in UK accident services provision, during the course of the last 23 years Auxillis has grown to include 27 branches nationwide, as well as an operation centre in Peterlee. As each new office has opened, MIW has been tasked with the provision and installation of suitable water dispensers while continuing to maintain and upgrade the facilities already in place.

The Brief

When MIW originally began working with Auxillis, the company had a number of specific requirements that needed to be fulfilled.

  • MIW was required to conduct a full site inspection of each of the Auxillis branches to receive new water dispensers, and provide advice upon both the most suitable locations for the units to be sited, and the best kind of dispenser for each identified location.
  • Water dispensers needed to be supplied for customer-facing reception areas, offices and back of house areas for the use of the company’s manual workers.
  • Each of the units needed to be able to withstand a high degree of usage, delivering chilled water at speed to large numbers of users.
  • The water dispensers also needed to fully comply with strict water authority guidelines, be easy to use and easy to maintain on a day-to-day basis.
  • Working on a turnkey rental programme, post installation MIW would be required to sanitise and service all water dispensers supplied to Auxillis on a regular basis. The MIW team would also be responsible for upgrading and replacing any equipment as and when required.

The Process

As with all of MIW’s turnkey rental contract clients, MIW began this project with a site survey conducted by a qualified BWCA (British Water Cooler Association) engineer. Working closely with the Auxillis Project Management Team, the MIW engineer helped to identify suitable sites capable of supporting water dispensers in places where they could be accessible to the highest volume of users, without causing disruption to the flow of the business’ workspaces.

Once the locations had been identified, the MIW team were able to advise upon the best units for Auxillis’ requirements. Among the most important criteria provided by Auxillis was that the water dispensers should be able to maintain a high volume of chilled water, even during high summer. MIW’s premium water dispenser, which delivers a continuous supply of chilled, filtered water on demand, was selected for installation. Its large dispensing area, which allows the unit to be used with glasses and bottles as well as compostable paper cups when required particularly appealed to the Auxillis team. WRAS-approved (Water Regulation Advisory Scheme), the units also fully complied with the water authority guidelines, supplied by the Auxillis Technical Division.

MIW arranged an initial installation schedule with the Auxillis Project Management Team. And all of the original units were installed on time and on budget.

This process has been repeated as each new Auxillis branch has come on board.

The Completed Project

Some 20+ years on from the initial consultation, MIW continues to work with Auxillis. During that time MIW has installed, serviced and maintained water dispensers throughout the company’s network of branches, providing periodic equipment upgrades free of charge. Visiting on a six-monthly basis to conduct regular maintenance and carry out repairs as required, MIW’s aftercare service ensures that Auxillis receives all the support the company needs.